Standing Silent

Phil Jacobs, editor of the Baltimore Jewish Times, has begun writing and publishing a series of articles about sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community. He has found what he believes to be clear evidence that several respected rabbis have been able to avoid arrest and recrimination due to the control they wield over the community. Fear blankets the orthodox community, creating an impenetrable wall of silence impossible to break through. Until now. Phil Jacobs’ bravery not only exposes the perpetrators, but allows the survivors to find a voice which, until now, has been silent. Jacobs recognizes that his actions will lead to recriminations, but he believes that his community will support him in his effort to expose and bring to justice people who use their moral authority within the community to molest children. He couldn’t be more wrong. What happens surprises Jacobs; within a few months his own community ostracizes him, including his family receiving numerous death threats. But instead of quitting, Jacobs is determined to bring the story to light. Jacobs fights the orthodox establishment to bring to light the pain and suffering of hundreds of survivors. At the same time he reveals a deep, personal truth which takes the story to a remarkable climax.