Producing Workshop with Scott Rosenfelt

I created the seminars as an Introduction to the Philippine entertainment community to get a better idea of how films are made outside of the Philippines.  As Philippine filmmakers start delivering to Netflix and others, the standards of script writing and production will have to rise to equal films that are being purchased and to be able to compete with those films.  The seminars Introduce Filipinos to this style of film making, and also create the structure for a full-blown film school, with longer programs, a certificate and ultimately a bachelor’s degree.

The seminars give the filmmaker a taste of what the school will actually provide.  This would be the first, major film school in the Philippines to allow filmmakers to understand and work in the new worldwide market that has been expanding for the past few years.  Philippine filmmakers, with training in writing, directing and producing, can create their own “Parasite”, a film able to compete not just for Best Foreign Film but for Best Picture.